Marketing for Introverts

by Jeff Abbott on July 11, 2008

I am an introvert. At least according to the Myers-Briggs personality test, which measures as part of its assessment whether or not you get energy from being with people or from being alone. Extraverts get energy from being with people; introverts recharge when they’re alone.
This will come as a surprise to some readers who have met me at conferences, because at conferences, I am very outgoing and sociable (at least I think I am). But as much as I love touring, and conferences, I do find it tiring. Most writers, I suspect, are introverts. I love being with people, especially my family and my friends. But I get my energy back when I’m alone.
Given that so many writers are introverts, marketing your books can be a challenge for writers. So I was glad to find Shrinking Violet Promotions, a website that tags itself as “Marketing for Introverts”.
If you’re also a writer, and feeling a bit overwhelmed with marketing your book, there’s some solid advice here.
Via Nathan Bransford.

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