My Friend Travis

by Jeff Abbott on July 8, 2008

My good friend Travis is facing cancer for the second time. He has a serious lymphoma that requires heavy chemo and also a month-long hospitalization to replace his white blood cells, part of it spent in total isolation. We had hoped his last treatments would leave him cancer free for ten years (if not forever), but it has only been four years, and the cancer has returned. Fortunately, it was discovered early. But he is facing a tough battle.
Travis told me about his cancer coming back when I was recently in Chicago, doing research for next year’s novel. He took a day to drive me around his adopted city, exploring neighborhoods that would be good for settings and chase scenes in the book. Travis is a new father–his daughter Hope is now seven months old. She’s a beautiful, healthy, happy girl and I think she is well named. Because hope is the best thing we have in this world, the engine that drives us forward when life is tough or unfair. I could not believe, with the cancer back, he was spending time taking me around Chicago, but he said that there wasn’t anything he’d rather do than spend time with an old friend and his new baby.
I met Travis the same night I met my wife Leslie. He stood up for us at our wedding. He has always been the kind of friend who even if you didn’t talk to him for a long while, you could pick up the phone and talk like you had just spoken yesterday. He is the kind of person you would want for a friend, a neighbor, a colleague.
Travis and his wife Honore have been leading fundraisers in the fight against lymphoma. He has set up a website called sailtravis to raise money and they are at 58% of their goal as of today. If you can, please consider a donation. Lymphoma can strike anyone any time, and we need to find a cure. Every dollar helps–every dollar gives hope.
Thank you.

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