UK Tour Day 2: Photo Shoot and Police Sting

by Jeff Abbott on July 22, 2008

My second day of the UK book tour, I spent the day signing copies of Run, Panic, and Fear at the several bookstores in Gatwick Airport (I get lots of notes from readers who grabbed one of my books in the airport) and then having my picture taken by uber-cool photographer Charlie Hopkinson. We’d done the first shots in a park near Charlie’s studio and within a minute of us leaving the park, we saw a number of police cars racing past, light blaring, sirens screeching. We finished up the shoot and returned to find a police crowd a half-block from Charlie’s studio. The sting had netted a man with several outstanding warrants who apparently took a swing at an officer and ran for it, but didn’t get far.
Charlie told me earlier in the week he’d done a shoot with Sigourney Weaver. Well, yeah, but did her shoot have a police sting? If only we could have gotten the fracas in the background of one of my righteous, authorly poses. . .

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