US Tour Day One: Dallas

by Jeff Abbott on July 23, 2008

The blog has gone a little time-travelly in that I’m posting what happened last week in the UK interspersed with what’s happening this week in the US. I’m not really in two places at the same time. Although my body still is ticking to a London clock, I will be in Dallas tonight at the Barnes and Noble at 7700 West Northwest Hwy, in the Lincoln Park shopping center across from Northpark. This after doing interviews with two local book television shows, Conversations (in Irving) and Books In Review (in Fort Worth).
The Dallas Morning News gave COLLISION a good review (calling me “a suspense master”. Also got a good review at military. com, who called COLLISION a “fast-paced, atmospheric thriller”. I had not heard of before, but we like a lot of the same books.

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