Welcome to my World

by Jeff Abbott on July 2, 2008

Welcome to my official, actual, for-real blog. I will be honest: lots of author blogs talk (at length) about writing process and how to get published and how to find an agent. Which is great, but what I get asked about as a writer is–how does my head work?
I’m not kidding. Readers ask, where do you get ideas, what is writing a book like, how do you face the blank screen each day, what sort of stuff trawls through your head during the making of a book? This isn’t because they necessarily want to be writers: they want to understand how writing is done, how I can (hopefully) grab them from page first and keep them there until page last. And often, they just want to know a bit more about the writer as person, more than they can know from the jacket copy.
That’s what this blog will be about: my life as a writer who manages to work in this most unpredictable of fields this while supporting a family; what I love, what inspires me, what deflates me, what amuses me.
Tomorrow’s entry will be a first: an interview of me, conducted by my nine-year-old son, Charles. Charles interviewed me for a school project this year and had a lot of fun with it, so I thought I’d let him ask the questions. Nine-year-olds ask different, and often better, questions than grown-ups.
Welcome to my world.

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