An Update on Travis

by Jeff Abbott on August 19, 2008

I mentioned in a previous entry that my friend Travis was battling cancer, again. Travis has started a blog to describe his experiences with chemotherapy. If you’ve never known what chemo was truly like, his entries paint a vivid picture. Go back to the earliest entries and read in order to get a real picture of what hard-core chemo is like.
The good news is that he is responding well to the treatment. He still has to go through a month’s isolation in the hospital, away from both his wife and their infant daughter. But this is progress. I don’t know frankly how he has kept such a great attitude. Then he writes something like this:

I feel good about my transplant, and after yesterday, I feel good about going to NMH and the support I will receive. I have known it would be ok, but yesterday was finally putting a face on the transplant team, and dealing with the reality that its here. It’s funny, a friend of mine asked me the other day how was I always so upbeat and happy. How do I do it as I go through the chemo and the transplant. I didn’t have a good answer for her, so I just said, “I don’t know. I kind of think of it this way. Cancer, to me, is like the sky being blue or the sun coming up in the East. It’s a part of my life, and that’s it. I choose to be happy, because I want to be happy. Cancer can’t change that.”

This is what courage is–accepting what you are dealt and moving forward in spite of it.
You can contribute to Travis’s favorite cancer fundraiser here. They are at $56,000 of their $60,000 goal. If can contribute, please do.
Here’s Travis relaxing with COLLISION–he was the first person who got a signed copy of the book:

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