Fortunately I Used A Mercedes In The Chase Scene

by Jeff Abbott on August 24, 2008

One of the chase scenes in Collision takes place in the Dallas suburb of Frisco–a place that used to be little more than a stoplight but has absolutely exploded in growth in the past several years with many new upscale homes and shopping centers. The Austin American-Statesman’s humor columnist, John Kelso, takes fire at a Frisco gated neighborhood that has banned a resident from parking his new (nice) Ford F150 in his driveway–while still allowing what they consider more “upscale” pickups, such as Lincolns, to be parked in the open.

When Greenwood explained to the board during a July meeting that his truck and the Lincoln Mark LT were basically the same vehicle, he said a board member told him that “Lincoln markets to a different class of people.”

Wow. And I thought class should be measured by how you treated your neighbors and people generally, not by which truck you drove.

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