My Children Are Demigods

by Jeff Abbott on August 21, 2008

My friend Rick Riordan (mega-bestselling fantasy YA author, and also a brilliant and Edgar-winning mystery author) has made my sons his demigods of the week on his blog. Rick’s Percy Jackson novels follow the exploits of a modern young man who is a demigod: son of a mortal woman and Poseidon, the god of the sea. The books are full of action, terrific characters, and you’ll learn more about mythology than you thought possible (all in an entertaining way). The boys wore their Camp Half-Blood (a locale in the books where demigods learn to use their powers) shirts they got at Rick’s signing to my book signing. They wear these shirts to EVERY book signing they attend. Including mine.
If you have kids who are reluctant readers–get them to try Rick’s books. Charles absolutely loves these books (so do I) and has gotten several of his friends more into reading through them.
Thanks, Rick, you have made the boys’ week!

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