Microsoft Ads Crash TVs

by Jeff Abbott on October 28, 2008

Joining onto my pile-on of Microsoft’s recent ads, the geniuses at the Onion have found a dangerous new threat from Microsoft advertising.
I really do feel like picking on Microsoft today. My publisher and I are using the track changes features in Word to do the initial line-edit on the new manuscript. Everything was fine until I sent back the updated manuscript. But for some reason, when they open the file, some of the comments and annotations cause entire paragraphs and sentences to break up, to move inexplicably to the next page, and so on. Microsoft spends millions on these ads when they don’t have a basic function in their word processor performing correctly. I’m a Microsoft shareholder, and have defended their Mac products in the past as being solid ones, but right now, I am disappointed in them. (It’s times like this I really wish Corel would bring back WordPerfect for the Mac, which never gave me a moment’s headache.)

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