Seductive Delusions

by Jeff Abbott on November 12, 2008

A lot of times friends tell me they want to write a book. Generally, they don’t. An exception that I am very happy about is our family doctor and friend, Dr. Jill Grimes. Jill told me she wanted to write a book about sexually transmitted diseases–not the most appealing topic, but one where there is a compelling, life-or-death need for education.
So Jill very cleverly wrote Seductive Delusions–a book where ordinary people find out they have an STD and must deal with the ramifications. Jill deals with the shock, the denial, and takes the reader back through this person’s life to see where they contracted the illness–and what the future holds for them. It is a remarkably effective way to communicate this important info to young people, who may think it can’t happen to them.
STDs can be devastating. If you have teenagers or college students or you’re entering the dating world, GET THIS BOOK. I read the early drafts and found out I didn’t know nearly enough about this important topic. Jill handles a difficult topic with sensitivity and skill, borne out of years of experience in advising patients. This would be a perfect book to be highlighted on the Today Show or Oprah–STDs have become far too common, and much of that is due to a lack of knowledge.
The book is published by The Johns Hopkins University Press, but has a very “Sex in the City” cover. Jill also writes a very useful blog for family medicine topics. She’s a terrific doctor and author and I’m very proud of her for getting her book published.

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