The Dark World: Playing at the Power Plant

by Jeff Abbott on December 14, 2008

I haven’t said much about the new book lately (other than its title, TRUST ME) or what I’m working on right now. But one common element between them is the idea of the chaos that can be created by just a few people with an ideology or a profit motive. And that in our increasingly globalized and interconnected world, that it’s easier than ever for these rogue elements–who may have no ties to a government or formal organization–to share information to further their causes and create more chaos.
I call this the Dark World: a place inhabited by people living on the edges, in the shadows, striking anonymously, driven by either extremism or by profit. They may live surface lives of relative normalcy but they are criminals. It includes everyone from lone wolf-type provocateurs to international crime rings. They are people who are actively attempting to undermine both economies and states for their own gains. The most dangerous threats to societies now may not be other nations: but rather these loose confederations of networks and lone-wolves who can often act with impunity and create billions of dollars in damage for a miniscule investment.
This guy is a perfect example–a do-it-yourself saboteur who single-handedly penetrated a heavily guarded facility and cut 2% of the UK’s carbon output.
In the weeks to come, I’ll be writing more about the Dark World. It’s a fascinating place.

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