TRUST ME on February 5th

by Jeff Abbott on January 30, 2009

Hi all:

First, some good news: TRUST ME, my next novel, is going to be available in select markets in a trade paperback edition on February 5th. It will be available in Australia; New Zealand; Singapore; South Africa; Ireland; and in UK airports. Here’s the cover:
Actually the final cover is slightly different: at the top is a generous quote from Lee Child about me as a writer. The physical edition of the trade paperback is absolutely gorgeous: LittleBrown UK did a marvelous production job on the book. The mass market paperback edition for TRUST ME will be available in the UK and the US hardback this summer.
From the UK catalog copy:
Luke Dantry has the street smarts to do a dangerous job online: drawing out extremists in chat rooms, trying to find the next mad man before he turns from words to violence. When Luke is kidnapped, he realizes his research has made him a target. But when he unexpectedly serves as a human ransom to save a beautiful woman, and everyone he trusts suddenly turns against him, Luke must run for his life and stop the newest threat to Western security: a homegrown network of terrorists plotting a secret war against democracy–a war only Luke can stop.
I got to do a lot in TRUST ME: 
  • write a kidnapping that turns from a highly personal crime to one with far-reaching global implications;
  • explore the dark world of the Internet, where all sorts of people with extreme ideologies can connect, collaborate and share information and skills (the reality of this is absolutely staggering and frightening). Actually this is just a symptom of our rapidly shrinking world, and the growth of highly mobile and flexible terrorist and criminal networks.
  • explore what it means to discover the worst truths about your life, from both the viewpoint of hero and villain
When I started, I felt like the book was going to be a bit of a modern take on the idea of the innocent who doesn’t know the danger what he knows–a 21st century take on Three Days of the Condor. I think that initial seed of an idea grew in an entirely fresh and compelling way (at least I hope it did). I hope my readers in those countries where TRUST ME will soon be available will give the book and try and have as much fun reading it as I did writing it. I think it’s my most action-packed, emotionally driven book.
And yes, I know there is a new US TV drama on TNT called TRUST ME. The irony is that it’s about two advertising creatives, which was my old life. No one will mistake what happens to Luke Dantry in this TRUST ME with the decidedly more comic goings on at the Chicago ad agency in that TRUST ME.
In other news:
RIP, John Updike. (And yes, he wrote a collection of short stories called TRUST ME). A great chronicler of the suburban reality of America.
What I Read:
The Man with The Getaway Face, Richard Stark
The Outfit, Richard Stark
Last week I mentioned the first of the Parker novels by Stark (aka Donald Westlake). The next two in the series are brilliant as well, as Parker plans a high-stakes robbery and then takes his personal war on the Mafia to a new level. Burned previously by love, this is a man who exists only to get what is his and to exact revenge. Both books are lean, violent, and propelled by the brutal logic of Parker’s mind. I’m really looking forward to more releases in the series by the University of Chicago Press.

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    Ann Victor January 30, 2009 at 9:39 am

    oh, South Africa too! Was just looking on the shelves of Exclusive Books today (a major chain) for your books and couldn’t find any. Was wondering why.
    Will watch out for Trust Me and buy a copy!

    Jeff Abbott January 30, 2009 at 9:43 am

    Ann: Bookstores do run out of stock, or I might be shelved in fiction rather than mystery (or vice versa). Usually a bookstore will be happy to order the book for you if they don’t have it in stock. Thanks!

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