A New Film Deal

by Jeff Abbott on March 18, 2009

I’ve gotten a film option on a third literary property: my short story, “Tender Mercies” has been optioned by Wilkins Independent. The story was originally published a couple of years back in the acclaimed Damn Near Dead anthology (you may need to page down to see details), published by Busted Flush Press.

“Tender Mercies” is about a 70-year-old retired CIA hit man who hires himself out under a false name and gets hired to kill a dangerous target: himself. I remember when I wrote the story I really liked the main character, Lionel, and kept thinking I should bring him back in a novel–he felt too big for the constraints of a short story. My wife said Lionel was one of her very favorite characters of mine and kept urging me to write another story with him. (I don’t think, though, I can say Lionel is “mine”–he seems to belong to himself.) I’m glad that Lionel will have a chance now to star in his own, expanded story. (Obviously, the story has to be expanded to feature length.) For those who think suspense is all about plot, think again: the character of Lionel is what’s driving the project. I’m thrilled to be working with Adam Wilkins (a very smart young producer).
I’ll share details on the progress of the film adaptations for Panic and Collision when I can.

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    Kristan March 18, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    Congratulations! That’s wonderful news, and honestly sounds like a very interesting story even to someone who doesn’t usually plop down and read thrillers. I look forward to reading/hearing more about it, and eventually seeing it on the big screen!

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