I Am Everywhere That I Go

by Jeff Abbott on August 6, 2009

I’ve done several guest articles on blogs and some audio interviews. I thought it better to put them all in one entry than several. A lot of these articles are not so much about TRUST ME but are about the craft and challenges of writing.

I take Marshal Zeringue’s popular “Page 69” test for TRUST ME. Will the book pass? If not, will I be held back and end up a Sweathog?
The Campaign for the American Reader gives me a most welcome shoutout.
At the totally awesome BookBitch, I talk about what comes first when you get the idea for a novel? Plot or character?
Scott Parker reviews TRUST ME with a writer’s eye toward technique, structure, and language. Thanks Scott!
The lovely Doris Booth at Authorlink conducts an audio interview with me on researching TRUST ME and the creative process.
At Lesa Holstine’s terrific book blog, I talk about the joys and challenges of writing thriller fiction with an ordinary guy as the hero.
Book reviewer and Portland radio host Diana Page Jordan has posted our radio interview/podcast on how I wrote TRUST ME; one of the most detailed interviews I’ve done. Thank you Diana!
In other news: I have finished the next book. Taking a few days off. Have a great weekend!

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