I Am Not Contributing to Your Overload

by Jeff Abbott on January 22, 2010

Over at the Murderati blog, J. T. Ellison writes eloquently about information overload and writers. I think she’s absolutely right. I get more done when I disconnect from the Internet than I do at any other point. You have to quit thinking of the Web as a necessary information feed and think of it as what it really is: a distraction feed. It is feeding you distractions. Like this blog.

And so I’m not going to say anything more ┬átoday, because you need to get back to your real life after you read J. T.’s words of wisdom, and I need to go write. Have a great weekend!

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    Kristan February 5, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    Learning to disconnect has definitely been an important 2009 lesson. As the Pimp My Novel blog said yesterday:

    “Good Idea: Reading industry blogs to improve your writing and querying.
    Bad Idea: Reading industry blogs instead of writing or querying.”


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