One Writer’s Resolutions, Part Two

by Jeff Abbott on December 30, 2010

My resolutions from yesterday, continued:

3. I Will Not Miss Family Vacation This Year. Last summer, I was running late with the second Sam Capra book, and my wife and kids went to Boston for a week. They had a fantastic time. I stayed home and listened to Sigur Rós and wrote like a madman and missed them. Now, I got a ton of work done, and got the book finished. My editors say this new one is my best book ever. I am pleased. But BUT I missed going to Boston with my wife and kids. I missed being part of my sons going to their first pro baseball game. I missed them exploring history and eating clam chowder at Legal Seafood. It felt wrong. My due dates for books are generally in July, and my kids get out of school at end of May, so I really should try to have the book done in June. Wouldn’t it be cool to turn the book in early? (I’ve done this a couple of times before). This may be the hardest resolution to keep, though; having done two books this year, I am behind (in my mind) on Sam Capra #3. I have work to do.

4. I Will Try Something New. Like learning to cook without striking fear in my wife’s heart that I will burn down the kitchen. Or learning a bit of Welsh, because I’d like to take my family to the town my father’s family emigrated from in 1630.  Or taking up running, or reading about a subject I know nothing or little: South American history, Basho’s poetry, Buddhist philosophy, nuclear physics. I firmly believe this is how we keep our brains supple and moist and working–learning new things, simply for our own pleasure. But I selfishly hope that in some way whatever I do will inspire or bolster my writing. That’s just the way I’m wired.

If you have resolutions, good luck with them. I wish everyone a happy, safe, and prosperous 2011.

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